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Need to take a break from writing that next best seller?  Or maybe you are suffering from writers block while participating in our writers contest.  Either case, you have come to the right place.   Sit back and relax.  Play one of the below games and give your brain a much needed rest.


By far one of my favorite games.  I recall myself as a young girl playing pacman on an old atari game console that we had to hook up to our black and white television.  Oops giving away my age here.  But anyway my sister and I would spend hours playing double mode trying to out do each others scores.  Those were fun times.  I hope everyone that needs to take a temporary break from writing enjoys playing this game as much as I do. -danam


I can honestly say that at one time I was hooked on tetris.  I was in the USN at the time and I got myself one of the first Nintendo Gameboys when they first came out.  I would then spend all of my free time lying in my rack playing tetris.  It was a constant challenge to beat my previous scores.  Eventually, as with all games of this type, it would get faster and faster so that I could no longer keep up and before you knew it, the game would end.  That didn’t deter me though, I would wipe my brow and start another game.  -lees



Anyone that truly knows me could guess as to why I chose to include this game on our distractions page.  As a teenager I would spend hours playing an old game called “Battle Chess”.  It was very fun to watch for the pieces would actually come to life and battle each other right there on your computer screen.   I was able to find a few youtube videos of that game but could not find one that I could upload here.  To this day I still enjoy playing the board game of chess with my friends when we have a few hours to spare.  I hope you can get as much enjoyment out of this game as I do. -wayneh



To be perfectly honest with you, I hate this game.  Not because it isn’t fun, but because I can’t get a decent score.  At all…  No matter how much effort I put into it.  Those bubbles just keep coming and I can never get the right color at the right time.  All joking aside, it is a fun game and it is a good distraction when you need one.  My kids love it for it really is a game that they can beat dad at.  -Ted




Now this my friends is a fun game.  Literally one of my favorite pass times for I can spend hours sitting and playing this game.  However, doing so I noticed that I sometimes lose all track of time and before I know it, the day is gone and it is time for bed.  So, prior to playing this game, do yourself a favor and set a timer to go off in an hour or so, so as you can get back to writing at a decent hour.  -admin