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Review Request Terms

By submitting a review request you agree to these terms, rules and conditions.

  1. First and foremost, you must have the legal right to submit the book to us for review. This includes uploading a copy of your book to us or requesting we purchase your book.

  2. You agree not to attempt to promote your book on our website.  This includes mentioning your book in our forums, discussions or groups.

  3. You agree not to attempt to directly contact the book reviewer that reviewed your book.

  4. We offer a few review packages that encourage our Trusted Reviewers to purchase a copy or copies of your book to perform the review on.  We strongly encourage you the author requesting a review of your book to reduce the cost of your book to $.99 if you select one of these packages, so as not to put a financial burden on our reviewers, during the review process. If you request one of these packages, you provide the requested information and we will go out and find your book to perform the review on.  Having our reviewers to purchase your book to perform the review on, helps reduce the possibility of our review being removed from websites like Amazon.

  5. We offer a few review packages that offer 3 or more reviews of your book, with the reviews placed on the websites where your book is sold.  If you select these reviews and your book is sold on several websites, you understand that the reviewer will only post his or her review on winsomebooks and the website where he or she purchased your book from.  The same review will not be placed on multiple retailer websites.

  6. We only promise honest book reviews and cannot guarantee positive book reviews. If you contact us requesting that we remove your review, you will not be given a refund. The reviewer is paid the same amount for the work of reviewing your book regardless of whether the review is published or not.

  7. Many of our review packages require our reviewers to purchase copies of your books to review.  However, for the few that require you to send a copy of your book to us, you must send Digital rights management (DRM)-free copies of your books. While it is against our rules for our reviewers to illegally share copyrighted books, we have no way to completely enforce this. With your utilizing this website, you agree not to hold winsomebooks.org or its owners responsible for inappropriate uses of the files you send to us.

  8. We reserve the right to reject any books whose content we find questionable or disagreeable. This would include porn, racial or hate books or books that advocate illegal activity or violence.

  9. Make sure that the books you send to us are written in readable and understandable English, that they are in the correct format and are ad free. All files sent to us will be scanned for viruses.  If a virus is found your file will be deleted and you will not receive a refund.

  10. We reserve the right to publish all reviews, regardless of their rating on our website and the websites that you choose for us to purchase the books from.  We will however, if requested by you, remove our reviews of your book from our website.  We cannot guarantee that they will be removed from other websites once posted.  With your using our services, you promise not to hold us responsible for leaks of your books reviews, such as if the reviewer publishes it without our permission on any blogs or other places on the web where book reviews can be posted.

  11. Please note, only one of our reviewers will usually review your book. However, it is possible that more than 1 Trusted Reviewers will be given the file of your book sent to us. If the first reviewer for some reason cannot complete your book, it will be sent to another reviewer.

  12. Prior to sending us your book for review, please note our estimated turnaround times. By your requesting our services, you understand that these are estimates and not guarantees.  You also understand that we give priority to our paid reviews, so if your review request is free, there is no guarantee we will complete your review on time.  If your review is paid, we will do our best to complete the review on time, however we cannot guarantee against delays caused on your part.  These include response times from you, our waiting on files etc.

  13. By your requesting our services you agree that any violation of any of these terms of service or rules as well as any other terms or rules on this website in general such as the forum rules against posting spam can lead to your review request being rejected without your book being reviewed and without refund.

If you are an author or a person representing an author such as a publisher, webmaster or book promoter please read this page in its entirety prior to making any posts anywhere on our website.

It is our wish to make this website, our forums and groups as enjoyable for all of our Book Lovers as possible.   To do this, we have very strict rules against advertising or self-promotion that might be considered spam by any of our members.  In fact, not only do we ask, but we encourage all our Book Lovers (members) to report any such advertising / self-promotion or spam to us as soon as they see it.  We do not want to see any of our Book Lovers or Authors black listed from our site, so please read the below rules prior to posting on our website.

If you are the author of a book, a person representing an author such as a publisher, a webmaster or a book promotor of any type:

  1. You are not allowed to start a topic about the book you represent, or post a link to a webpage about the book or a webpage that sells the book.  Do not link to or reference your own website in any way.

  2. As a trial, we are currently allowing authors to make subtle responses to their book reviews or discussions.  We ask that you be thick skinned and avoid making any comments that could lead to unpleasant discussions or arguments.  If you receive a negative review or comment on your book, don’t respond to it at all for you may embarrass yourself.  However, if you receive a good review or comment you may respond with something like a simple Thank you, or “Wait till you read my next book.

  3. No website(dot)com remarks are allowed in any post.

  4. No URLs are allowed in your signatures except to your profile or book reviews on this website.

  5. No affiliate links are allowed in any comments, posts, discussions etc.

  6. Please note and understand, we only offer HONEST REVIEWS from Trusted Reviewers.  We cannot and will not accept payment or bribes for positive reviews.  If you as an author or book promotor of any type feel that you have to offer payment for positive reviews, chances are your book needs some work.

  7. We believe that we have come up with a great trust system here that will work with promoting independently published books amongst our growing number of followers that trust our Trusted Reviewers reviews. We can promise you that we will read and provide an honest and insightful review of your book. In our effort to gain and maintain the integrity of our reviews and our Trusted Reviewers, we cannot and will not remove or edit any bad or negative comments or remarks in or on the review.

  8. Our Book Lovers and visitors to our site trust our reviews. Its there trust in us, that they are receiving an honest review that causes word to get out about books with good reviews.

With your clicking the below button to request a book review you are agreeing to the above terms.