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How to become a Trusted Book Reviewer

Authors want and need honest book reviews from trusted reviewers.  With out honest book reviews from trustworthy reviewers, their books just sit with no sales, forever looking like a new book that buyers are hesitant to buy.

This is where you come in.  Our potential Trusted Reviewer.  Your first step in this process is to become TRUSTED.  To make the process of becoming a Trusted Reviewer simple and fair to everyone, we have come up with a simple point system.  Read a book and write a honest review of that book and earn 100 points.  Make a substantial response to another Trusted Reviewers or Book Lovers book review and earn 10 trusted reviewer points.  Reading and responding to other members posts and reviews and posting your own reviews of books you have read is a great way for our community to get to know and trust you and eventually respect your opinion as a Trusted Reviewer.

You will earn your Trusted Reviewer (TR) badge by earning 250 Trusted Reviewing Points.  Once you have earned this TR badge you will begin receiving base pay for completing author requested paid book reviews.
Earn your Level 3 (TR3) at 1500 TR points and earn base pay plus $2.50 per book review.
Earn your Level 2 (TR2) at 5000 TR points and earn base pay plus $5.00 more per book review.
Earn your Level 1 (TR1) at 10,000 TR points and earn base pay plus $7.50 per book review.

More can be found on our point system and how it works by reading Dana’s post.

Winsomebooks.org is a great place to start earning money for doing something that you as a Book Lover, probably already do for free. If you are the kind of person who hasn’t read a book in lets say, a year or two, writing book reviews is probably not your calling. If you are just checking into this to see how much you can earn, again, this program is probably not right for you.  In fact, with your having to review books and participate in our book forums, initially with no pay, for some may seem like a complete waste of time and not worth the hassle. Once again, if that describes you, being a trusted reviewer is not for you. However, if you are a true Book Lover, and you enjoy conversing with others about books that you have already read or plan on reading, on a regular basis,  this is a great way to start getting paid for something that you probably already do for free.

Per Dana’s post the pay per book review ranges from $15.00 -$75.00 per review. As stated earlier, you will not get rich reading books and writing reviews, however, the potential is there for a true Book Lover to earn a few hundred dollars per month.

Book Reviewers Do’s and Dont’s

Please don’t share your copyrighted book that you download with others.  No big surprise but it is illegal to share copyrighted books.  This is one of the main reasons that we require proof that you have downloaded the book that our Trusted Reviewers and Book Lovers complete reviews on.

We do allow some authors to complete book reviews.  You as an author and a book reviewer promise not to perform book reviews of any authors that you have any outside contact with.  You promise not to try and contact any authors that you performed a book review for.

As an Author performing book reviews, You are not doing yourself or the author any favors by giving a good review on a bad book.  By your doing this you are not only hurting your reputation as an honest book reviewer, but you are also hurting that author in the long run for fans who purchased his or her book based on your review will soon learn that, that book is not very good despite your giving it a positive review.  Those fans will lose faith in that author and your giving honest reviews.

As a Trusted Reviewer, you have to have accounts with online book retailers like Amazon, B&N, BAMM etc.  You have to be able to purchase books from these retailers and leave reviews of the books that you do reviews on.   Your Amazon Reviews have to show a “Verified Purchase” status.

Okay.  I’m confused. With so many new authors willing to give away free copies of their book in exchange for our writing an honest and trusted review of their book,  why do we have to purchase some books prior to writing the review?
Some online book retailers such as Amazon are deleting book reviews made by reviewers that did not purchase the book through them.  Whether the book review we provide be good or bad, we want to promise our customer that the book review will stick with their book.  We do ask that the author reduce the price of their book so that it is not a burden on our reviewers performing the reviews, prior to signing up, and we also pay our Trusted Reviewers above average pay for their reviews.  In most cases we do reimburse the book reviewers for the books. We also have other programs where Trusted Reviewers and Book Lovers can earn more money and get reimbursed for their books purchased via links provided on our site.

What if I dislike the book?  Do I have to give a good review?
No. We do not want you to lie in your review of any book.  To do so would hurt your reputation as a Trusted Reviewer.  Remember, you are being paid for an honest book review, not a good book review.  Do keep in mind, that if you do give a book a bad review, note why in your review. This will let the author know what is wrong and he or she can grow with that knowledge.

I am new to doing book reviews and no-one knows me.  Why would anyone trust my review?
By the time we start paying you for your reviews, we will know you.  Not in person, but we will at least know enough about you to trust your input and respect your opinion.   As stated above, we use a point system.  It is with your utilizing our point system that you earn our Trust.  Under this point system, you will have to submit at least 2 free book reviews along with a few other posts and activities to earn enough points to earn your Trusted Reviewers Badge and start getting paid for your reviews.

Don’t let this number discourage you.  All of our Trusted Reviewers have to go through this process and there are many different ways to earn points. Do keep in mind, it is through these initial reviews, posts and other activities that all members get to know you and eventually Trust you and respect your opinion.   So look at these initial requirements as a way to show off your talents for it gives us a chance to see your work and know that you are capable of reading a book and writing an Honest review.

What are the requirements of a Trusted Book Review?
All we ask is that the book review be 3 – 4 paragraphs in length and contain no spoilers.   Give a brief summary of the book that explains why you would or would not recommend that particular book.  You don’t have to be an English major or possess a creative writing certification to be a Trusted Reviewer. The only requirements that we have would be that you love reading books, be able to write in everyday english that everyone can understand and that you have access to software that has a spell checker.

Are book reviews rushed?
In most cases no.  However, we may from time to time post a book review with a “requested by date” on it.  It will contain the number of words and / or pages the book has.  You decide whether you feel you can read the book and get the review done by the deadline.  If you can’t complete the book review by the requested date, don’t respond to the request.

I am participating in a paid Trusted Review and just saw a new post for a new Book Lovers Review.  Can I do both?
No.  You must commit to completing your first assignment before starting another one.

I am new to this website.  Where do I start if I want to start getting paid for doing book reviews?
Good question.  Your first step would be to sign up as a Book Lover (Member) and build your profile.   All of our members look at each others profiles, so make yours special by including enough information about yourself that other members can connect.  Make them feel that they can trust you and your opinions.
A great place to start earning your trusted reviewer points is our forums.
Read the reviews and the comments posted by others.  Respond to them with a substantial response, and guess what?  You just earned 10 Trusted Reviewer Points.  Read the book and write your own review and you just earned 100 Trusted Reviewer Points.  **NOTE** Don’t try and cheat the system by claiming you read the book when you didn’t.  If one of our Admins checks your review and questions you about it and afterwards is not convinced you read the book, you will lose your points.

What if I don’t see one of my favorite books listed on the website?
Contact the author and ask him or her to signup for a book review.  If they are on a budget, we also offer free book reviews.  If the author does sign up for one of our advertising packages you will earn a Referral Badge and possibly get paid for that referral.  Read more about referrals here.

How do I sign up?
Follow this link to our home page and click on register.  Once you are registered complete your profile and start reading books.

How do I submit a book review?
Book Review submission forms are located in the forums.

How do we get paid for doing a paid book review?
Unless otherwise agreed upon with the Trusted Reviewer or Trusted Editor, we make all payments, including book reimbursements via paypal.

See our FAQs for more information