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How we got started

Writers Contest

A nice way to earn more points will be to participate in our quarterly writing contests. With this contest we will be providing a short description of a scene.  A writer can choose up to four other members to participate in his or her team and assist in the writing of a short story based on the description that we provide.  The team will be given two months to write, review & edit the story prior to it being posted on the website for members to read, post responses and vote on their favorite story.

There will be a small $5.00 entry fee per team member for this particular contest, but writers & their participants will receive double points for their active participation and receive either a Writers Badge or a Contributors Badge depending on which role each performs during the contest. The winning teams will receive prizes for first, second and third place. If the winning teams choose to publish their story, their book will be displayed on our website for 3 months.

How will you let us know when a new Writers Contest will be starting?
A forum entry will be made announcing an upcoming writers contest to begin in a month.  Interested Writers should start assembling their team and respond to the post letting us  know they are interested and list their team members. A payment link will be sent and a group formed for that writing group once payment has been posted.

Why do we have to have a team?
This is a team participation contest?  Each team should have 4 or 5 members.  There should be a Writer and a Trusted Editor on each team. The writer takes the short blurb that we provide and adds details to it making it  3 or 4 paragraphs. He or she then posts it into the designated area for their team to comment on it.  Each team member is to ask a question that the writer must answer by adding those details into the pages, thus starting the story.  This process will be repeated 5 or 6 times.  The writer will take the final week to finish the story, and submit it to his team for final review and editing.  The completed story must be submitted in the general area for all Book Lovers to read and comment on by the designated date.  All Book Lovers (members) will be allowed to vote on their favorite story during the final week of the contest.  Only one vote per member.

Why do we have to pay an entry fee to participate in the Writers Contest?
Putting these contest together and monitoring them does take a lot of effort on our part and they are a lot of fun for the Book Lovers who take part in them.  Most of the funds are put aside to help with the cost of maintaining and improving our website and help compensate our staff and volunteers.  Also, having an admission fee helps limit the entries to the members that will take the contest seriously.

How many points can each member expect for participating in this contest?
Each writer can expect 400 points and each team member 200 points.

Are the points limited to the winning teams only?
No.  Each team that completes the contest by getting their story reviewed, edited and submitted on time will receive the points.

Is there a min or max word length for the story?
There is no min or max however we do encourage that the stories not be too long for our book lovers to read and vote.

Is there penalties for submitting the works late?
Yes, we do have the option of deducting points for late submissions.  However we hope that we will never have to enforce that rule.

Can a team submit more then one story?
No.  Each team should only focus on their one story.

Can a member be part of two or more teams?
No.  A member can only be part of one team.  To be a member of two or more teams would be an unfair advantage over other teams.

You must agree to the Writers Contest Terms and Conditions before entering into this contest.